it’s hair appointment day, and I can’t decide! I’ve had lots of styles and colors over the years, but right now it’s just called “boring”.

I miss my pink streaks that I had when I was 34. And the red, black and white from when I got it done in Minneapolis, with Heather. And I’d almost forgotten about when I got it all chopped off for awhile, until Mistress Matisse posted an old picture on her blog a couple of days ago. Elliott didn’t think it even looked like me, and he’s kinda right. But I sort of liked the supershort hair too.

Since I’ve been darkening for almost a decade now, blonde is out. So are most versions of red, because when I get a red rinse it’s gone almost immediately. Most of that is too much sun exposure, I’m sure.

I guess I know I’m darkening again today, to get rid of what the sun has done.. but I’m trying to decide: shoulder length? Leave it long? Get bangs again, like I had for so long? I only have 3 hours to decide… *sigh*

Edited to add:

for your amusement: a collage of previous hairdos. The all-over bright red was the worst one ever. And the photo with the short bob is by Tommy Edwards, with the always lovely Mistress Matisse in it.

hair collage

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