Last night I went bowling with my sister and a pile of kids. It was fun, I forgot I liked bowling – I think it’s been about 2 or 3 years since I last went. I discovered to my surprise that I’m actually stronger now, so I bowled a little bit better, at least when I was paying attention.

Anyhow, around frame #7, Elliott called to give me a heads-up on coming home. He told me there were just a few police cars in the road and driveway, because apparently our next-door neighbor was being arrested. This did not exactly come as a shock to me, he’s a neighbor that we know has been under investigation for some time, for drugs, assault, etc. But he leaves us alone, we leave him alone, and investigations and occasional police visits have become somewhat commonplace. Thank goodness for acreage, it’s not like he’s directly next door.

Anyhoo, I got home and it was a bit more than I expected. About 10 police cars, guys in riot gear with AK47s, dogs, and what I monikered “the baby tank”, which was some sort of armoured vehicle. A very courteous guy in fatigues with a radio helped me find a place to park, and escorted me and the daughters to the house, past this rather large circus. Apparently it was somewhat a standoff. He let me know that we should close all the windows, in case they needed to gas the place, and to please keep the outdoor lights off, as they’d interfere with the nightscopes his guys were using.

Eep! So, there we were in our darkened house, waiting for everything to happen. It’s not exactly easy to just go to sleep when all of this is going on, so we did what any normal people would do: watched the action. Or lack thereof. HOURS later, several people actually exited the house, 10 guys in riot gear stormed in, and I have no idea whether they actually got the guy they had a warrant for. We woke up this morning to an empty road and driveway, looking as if nothing whatsoever had happened the night before.

I would really prefer to have quieter neighbors.

Oh. and my hair. It’s finally back to what I’m used to.

Kept the length (see, a ponytail is sorta there blending in with my shirt) got the bangs. Nice messy office, huh?


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