we’re horse people. My youngest daughter is the proud new owner of a 10 year old quarter horse mare. With all of the work and money that goes along with it. Eep!

We were at the point where it had to be done, because the horse she’d been riding (a friend’s) had gotten too old and needed to be retired. This horse, when we first met her, I just KNEW was the horse.

Still, it’s such a huge responsibility, and not really one I wanted. I was very clear with her that this is HER horse – so when she goes off to college in 5 years, she can either sell it or keep it, but she’ll be the one doing the work if she keeps it. Elliott and I are taking off on a boat for at least a couple of years once they’re all in college, and horses don’t really mix with sailboats. heh.

I still can’t quite believe it. I never pictured us as a family having a dog, much less a horse. yikes!


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