It’s a busy weekend today, but happily nothing we HAVE to do. Generally every single weekend is booked months in advance in our schedule, either with family, travel or boating commitments. And that’s before the holiday season starts. However, today is construction zone as the framing is starting, and we actually have nothing on the calendar other than taking the girls to their dad’s. Yay!

Since the sound of hammering isn’t exactly conducive to staying home in bed together, it’s off to Seattle instead for the day. We’ll stop at the boat show at Lake Union, maybe give Natasha a call to see what she and her sweetie are up to, and find a yummy dinner somewhere. We had sushi last night, so the top 2 choices of Wasabi Bistro or Saito’s are right out. The beauty of Seattle though is that there are so many choices! Sadly, back when that city was actually a big part of my social life, I spent most meals at Septieme because it was the haunt of my companion, instead of venturing to different places.

Then tomorrow, Elliott is busy and I’m back to Seattle to visit Heather before I pick the girls back up. We are in need of some catchup time.

Anyhow, here’s wishing you a happy, relaxing weekend of your own!


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