Max’s weekend bondage intensive. It’s only 2 weeks away now. I’m really looking forward to going, after the past summer being fully immersed in non-sexy things, it’ll be nice to get away. I found it interesting that Elliott’s Real Astrology horoscope (yup, I married a Gemini) had this to say:

“I feel worst when I’m not learning,” writes Harker, one of my readers, “whether it be the stickier details of things I’ve almost mastered or the fresh spring wind of something entirely new to me.” If you share that perspective, as many Geminis do, I’ve got some good news for you: In the next 30 days you could learn more about love and intimacy than you have in the past two years. For those of you who are brave enough to shed your know-it-all romantic theories, the coming weeks could be like an intensive workshop in the fine art of creating exciting togetherness.

We’ve needed to set more time aside that is just us. Lately, it’s been difficult to find time for even a dinner that’s just the two of us, because there is always at least one more person (or couple) that comes along. But this whole weekend coming up in October will just be us, 2 nights in a hotel room in the middle of the city, 2 days of classes, I’m sure 2 evenings of yummy food and yummier sex. yay!

As for the next two weeks, they’re good too: Odette is coming back from the other side of the mountains for a weekend with us next weekend. We get to see the baby, who has turned a year old already. And today they’re taking my kitchen roof off, to make the floor above it. Our contractor said “ok, it might be a little breezy for a few days” – we’ll hope he’s not putting it mildly.

Links of note today:
Training of O has a new scene up today with gorgeous Tawny Ryden.
MsNaughty had the funniest video posted a few days ago. Ahh, threesomes…


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