This weekend, everything culminated at once. I had not one, but TWO of my closest friends show up from hours away. One with no notice whatsoever, one was planned these past two weeks. And two other friends that I see all the time both had impromptu parties.

Thursday evening, Natasha called. She and her husband were in town unexpectedly and wanted to go to dinner Friday night. Sadly, I already had plans – my middle daughter and I were taking a scrapbooking class together that went all evening. Yes, I admit it. I like to scrapbook. Actually, I like to do all sorts of domestic things, like needlepoint and canning and painting and such. Scrapbooking is just one facet of my domestic geekiness. It’s also one of the things middle daughter and I do together, that the other daughters don’t.

At any rate, Elliott got to go have dinner with them while we scrapped. It’s an interesting thing, the scrapbook classes. I feel like I’ve landed in the midst of a strange foreign land, where “Ladies Night” isn’t cocktails with friends, or male strippers, but rather becardiganed ladies for whom this is a big night out. They hoot and holler as much as if they were at a Chippendale’s show, and we’re SCRAPBOOKING. Whatever. The bad part is that I have a very low tolerance for noise, and a few times during this class my brain shut off from the noise. Complete blank-out.

So. Saturday morning we had brunch with Natasha and Mr.N so we could catch up. Then we were immediately off to impromptu birthday party, and then home to welcome Odette and the baby (who is now a year old! eep! I was there at her birth. )

In between, I had an hour or so for a nap because I was melting down. I’m not good at this many things at once, I get way too stressed. I realized when I was feeling irritable with my entire family that it was definitely me, not them, and thus a bit of time alone would benefit all.

Dinner at our house was lots of take-out because my kitchen is not all the way functional. In fact, during most of yesterday about half of the roof was open to clear sky. The construction guys were here until about 7pm, trying to get all the plywood on the roofline so when the roofers show up tomorrow morning they’ll be able to start. So – massive amounts of Mexican food takeout it was. Elliott completely over-ordered, which ended up being a good thing because we woke up to an even MORE non-functional kitchen.

See… last night we had a massive windstorm. During the course of the night we were woken up time after time to thumping and banging as the wind worked the 2×6’s they’d tacked down the tarp with loose. We heard the boards thumping louder and louder, then coming loose and careening off onto the deck below. Luckily none of said beams ended up through a window. In the middle of the night when the wind is blowing about 60 and it’s pouring, there is little to be done.

All this morning, Elliott has been working on getting things sealed up again. There are several pots and pans trying to collect the water that is pouring into the kitchen, and we can’t turn the kitchen lights on because it’s coming through the fixtures.

yeah, when it rains it pours, both socially and literally.


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