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One of my favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, just announced on her blog that she’s doing a time-release edition (instead of limited edition) of her next print. In case any of you are fans as I am, I wanted to point it out. What’s the difference between a time-release instead of limited? Well, you can ONLY [...]

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I have just been massively uninspired to write anything lately. Maybe it’s because all I want to do is create visuals for a change, and not online. I want to sit and draw or paint or do needlepoint or collages. Just anything but web. I’ve also been having a much more difficult time with this [...]

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playing dress-up

Did you see the cute little halloween jane on the front page? I love stuff like that. :) My stickgirl alterego is getting dressed up, but I don’t know if I will this Halloween or not. I am going to a party, so I probably should, I’m just having a hard time getting excited about [...]

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Max’s Bondage Workshop – a Recap

I promised in a post almost two weeks ago now to write about Max’s bondage workshop. How time does fly, I feel like I’ve barely had any time to sit and write about anything, but I want to while it’s still in my mind.
Awhile back, despite the naysaying of several close friends, I decided to [...]

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back from the coast

The last time I visited the Oregon coast was more than two decades ago, but I still remember it because the scenery was that pretty. This past few days, that’s where I’ve been. Elliott had to stay home, because there is just way too much going on right now. He’s a sort of multi-talented guy [...]

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the most ridiculous spam I’ve gotten in awhile:

MAKE DONATION TODAY! Donate for website which fights with money laundry and child porno please!!
(email redacted) is working for your calm!
E-gold account: (redacted)
Well, so glad to know someone is working for my calm. My calm has been missing of late, as I scramble to get a zillion things done before leaving Friday.


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So check out new listings and everything else, but I don’t have time to post much here today. I have a ton to squeeze in to 3 short days before we’re off for a long weekend again, only this time with the whole family – including teenagers, my mother and sister and nephew. It’ll be [...]

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well, I said I wasn’t writing but…

I’m having a most excellent weekend already. I told Elliott it was a good experiment to try a small getaway like this – because I think it’ll work better than the bigger ones we usually do. Not that we won’t still fly off to Mexico once in awhile, just that maybe we can make more [...]

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off for the weekend

I’m trying to get caught up today before we disappear for most of the next couple of weeks. Tonight Elliott and I are off for a weekend of decadence in Seattle. We’ll be back sometime on Monday, home for a whopping 3 days, then gone to the Oregon coast for a 4-day weekend. I think [...]

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So someone a little while ago asked what my hair looked like down, and I was messing around with some Photoshop actions I’d bought today, so I did this picture. This particular action is designed to make photos have an old 70’s snapshot feel, and I think it does a pretty awesome job of that. [...]

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