I’m trying to get caught up today before we disappear for most of the next couple of weeks. Tonight Elliott and I are off for a weekend of decadence in Seattle. We’ll be back sometime on Monday, home for a whopping 3 days, then gone to the Oregon coast for a 4-day weekend. I think the second half of October is normal though, at least I hope so. Right now I feel like the house is falling down around my ears. I don’t like being here when the construction workers are, both because it’s too loud, and because I don’t feel like there is any privacy. Since I’ve been mostly absenting myself, everything is an utter mess. Housekeeping is not one of my strong suits to begin with, but this is ridiculous.

So. I decided to stay home all day today, to try to get the house in shape before my sister is here all weekend with the girls. As soon as the construction is done, I’m hiring a cleaning service to come in at least once a week. I have decided that it is ridiculous not to do that. For the longest time I’ve had all kinds of guilt about the very idea of someone else cleaning my house. Then, the other day I was saying to Elliott that I thought it was silly for him to do the electrical work on our remodel just because he knows how – because he earns more running his actual business, and can’t really afford the time away. Then I had to consider my own advice. Yes I CAN do housework, but I’m not particularly good or efficient at it, I hate it, and when I actually keep things in the shape I WANT them in, it’s practically a full time job. Knowing myself, I know that I won’t be able to just talk myself out of feeling guilty even if I DO think it’s a rational argument. But I’m doing it anyhow, negative self-talk be damned. :)

Anyhow – possible updates from Seattle, but most likely not. I want to be having fun, so the laptop just might have to stay here.


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