I have just been massively uninspired to write anything lately. Maybe it’s because all I want to do is create visuals for a change, and not online. I want to sit and draw or paint or do needlepoint or collages. Just anything but web. I’ve also been having a much more difficult time with this whole remodel process than I thought I would. I’m a fairly laid-back kinda girl, so I guess I anticipated being mostly unaffected. hah. This morning I slept in, had a happy interlude with Elliott and then was dozing peacefully, when all of a sudden the sound of power saws started down below. Once I was out of the shower and dressed, I went downstairs to find the kitchen wall mostly gone, with a grinning construction worker wielding aforementioned power-saw. I waved, he waved back and cheerfully announced “say goodbye to your kitchen officially.”

The two who are working at our house the most are brothers. I’m quite fond of both of them, they have that lowkey sense of humor and dry wit that I appreciate. Still, I’m tired of living with them. I asked the older one what was more fun, destroying or building. He said definitely destroying, which must be why they’re having so much fun today.

So now I embark on the 5-6 weeks with little in way of a kitchen. The sink and the dishwasher sit there alone, still functioning but with everything around them ripped out. The fridge still works, again it’s in an isolated corner. The stove will probably be gone by the time I get home this afternoon. The microwave is in our living room.

We picked out some gorgeous copper/rose/green slate for the flooring though. And I love the cabinets we picked, which btw won’t even be here to be installed until the end of the month. I still have all sorts of stuff to figure out SOON so it can be ordered, like what flooring we’ll use in the office/living room, light fixtures and interior doors. Ugh. I thought it’d be more fun picking out, but the pesky budget part of it makes it less so. Oh, to have unlimited funds AND not have to live there during the process. That’s what I’m fantasizing about these days.


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