One of my favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, just announced on her blog that she’s doing a time-release edition (instead of limited edition) of her next print. In case any of you are fans as I am, I wanted to point it out. What’s the difference between a time-release instead of limited? Well, you can ONLY order it this weekend, the 3rd of Nov, between 3 and 4pm Pacific. Everyone who orders is guaranteed a print, so nobody knows how many will be released. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care how many exist in the world so long as I have one, because the print forthcoming happens to be a favorite of mine. I don’t collect art as an investment, I collect what I want to have in my life on my own walls. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and definitely shows her concern for her avid following. The last release sold out in the first 30 seconds, so lots of people were disappointed.

What else… we have walls today! and lots of noise, which leads to cranky teenagers. They all got out of school early today (they do all week) and it’s hard to escape the construction/destruction since the addition we’re doing is on both floors. The other difficult thing? Getting the entire family of 5 to agree on a restaurant and/or takeout each evening. On a positive note though, they’ll enjoy my cooking that much more once I get to do it again. :)


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