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Watch this space…

I may be done blogging, but something even better might be coming for the Holidays! Rae and I are working on some fun prize giveaways, in conjunction with Babeland. In the meantime, once again the wonderful folks at Babeland are offering JanesGuide readers a 10% discount on their holiday purchases, now through the 31st of [...]

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what it comes right down to is I don’t wanna do it anymore

Goodbye to the blog part of my site. Before you go worry that Janesguide is closing, it’s not. Site reviews and sextoy reviews and book reviews will continue, everything that is here will keep on growing and going. But the blog part, this one section, is done. I need to say goodbye to it.
I started [...]

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so after all that…

I totally forgot about the release of the print I so wanted. All caught up in other things this past weekend, and with my phone set on vibrate (I’d set an alarm to remind me) I didn’t remember until I was gazing (as I often do) at my print of Oiran on the wall a [...]

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