I totally forgot about the release of the print I so wanted. All caught up in other things this past weekend, and with my phone set on vibrate (I’d set an alarm to remind me) I didn’t remember until I was gazing (as I often do) at my print of Oiran on the wall a couple of days later. *sigh*

It’s alright, now isn’t the best time anyhow. Mizuame would have sat in my closet under wraps for a couple of months until the remodeling is done.

Today I went to the doctor. I’m going to take sibutramine for weight loss again. It’s something I took several years ago for a few short months, when my weight had become an issue. Back then I was 170 lbs or so, and it was causing me knee problems. I got back to my fighting weight, 135, and remained that way for a few years with pilates – but after two cycles of fertility hormone treatments in the past couple of years, pilates had proven not enough. Once my weight crept back up to 155, my knee started having issues again. This is not tolerable, because I ski. I missed a good chunk of last season when I had a neck issue, but I do NOT want to miss this season.

My doctor is awesome, she is quite non-judgemental about using the occasional chemical fix for something. I’ve tried for the past two years to do it “the natural way” and didn’t realize until my appointment today just how much I’ve been feeling guilty and down for not being able to. The problem is the vicious circle which goes something like this: weight creeps up, knee problems happen, exercise that keeps weight down is curtailed, weight goes more up, anxiety and depression, caloric intake goes up, whoosh!

Given that I’ve had much more significant issues in the past, I am way more about nipping things in the bud now before they’re totally out of hand. I have plenty of muscle and no fear of workouts. But I refuse to have my activities curtailed because my joints can’t handle it.

And in other news, my home is still trashed but it’s looking more like rooms at least. And it’s insulated finally, and mostly done being drywalled. I need to pick paint colors, because sadly I’m the one doing all of the interior painting. Well, except for the entryway which is two stories, because I’m afraid of heights, and especially ladders. I’m thinking of a cheerful yellow for the home office, but I need to check out the color charts to see what colors are productivity inducing. :) I know yellow is happiness inducing, which I need in the winter. If I do yellow it won’t be all boring, it’ll be with texture, or shimmer. I LOVED the yellow I used to have in my bedroom, back when the Ralph Lauren Duchesse Satin line still existed. What do you think, color suggestions anyone?

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