Goodbye to the blog part of my site. Before you go worry that Janesguide is closing, it’s not. Site reviews and sextoy reviews and book reviews will continue, everything that is here will keep on growing and going. But the blog part, this one section, is done. I need to say goodbye to it.

I started keeping a journal online in 1998. Back then, online journaling was still a fairly new thing and the blog had yet to be invented. It was just snippets of life, hand-coded in html and ftpd to the site. It was fun, people would write. I met so many amazing people because of my journal. I talked about everything under the sun, too, nothing was censored. I talked about how cool it was to find the sex-positive community, I talked about poly and bdsm, my kids, cooking, everything I felt like saying. I had people find sex positive culture through my site when all they’d been looking for was a marion berry pie recipe.

The thing is, though, I don’t wanna share anymore. What used to feel like a fun form of expression has become not only a chore, but something I worry too much about. There are too many parts of my story from the past 5 years that I have never been able to share, but without the background, things I write now are way too out of context to make sense.

The problem with keeping a journal or a blog is that eventually you know too many of the people who read it – and then you can write less and less without worrying about offending someone, or being misunderstood. I lost my voice and I’ve been trying to get it back, but now I realize all that trying is the thing holding me back from moving forward.

So. Last entry here… but long live the website. :)


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