I am realizing just why I started a blog way back when to begin with. Most of it was little bits of “hey, there’s a real person here behind this” stuff. And for awhile it was more, and for a short time it was way less.

I’m around, getting caught up after the holidays. Spent several days in Canada skiing, with the family and a huge group of friends who have become like second family. Remodel is 75% done, I have the flu, I was greatly enjoying a few emails that were blasts from the (now 10 years distant) online past. Oh, and I FINALLY got the last couple of t-shirts and prizes mailed out. I suck. I do everything way later than I mean to, whether it’s updating this, sending out prizes, or whatever. It’s not so much that I procrastinate as it is that I always commit to WAY more than I can possibly get done in a day. At any rate, if I have a 2008 resolution, that’s it: only commit to what I can actually do, not everything that I *wish* I could do.

But, 2008 so far is treating us all just fine. Aside from the flu. And I know I said I wasn’t blogging, but I guess in addition to being sucky with not doing things in a timely manner, I also go back on what I say once in awhile. But not in a bad way, just in a “I felt like writing something tonight, so I did” way. :)


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