It’s snowing here. I got my snow tires taken off last week, and now for two days in a row it’s snowed. Unbelievable.

Just figured I’d check in since it’s been awhile. Everything is going wonderfully, (weather woes aside) my daughters ALL just had birthdays and one more birthday season is behind me. Elliott and I have moved back to a home office, something I didn’t think I’d ever do. I worked from home for so many years, and I didn’t like not having enough separation between work and home. This is slightly better since the home office is a very separate space, so maybe it’ll work for me. But, I have yet another new project (the first one I cryptically mentioned is that I’m training for a triathlon. There, secret out) and the latest is a retail store I’m planning on opening in the fall. Yes, a brick-and-mortar thing. I’m tired of everything being virtual, I think I may actually be ready to interact with people in person! heh. And no, it’s not adult retail, it’s G-rated. :)

So, as you can see, it’s been busy around here. Busy, and fun. 6 pets, 3 kids, 3 businesses now, and the one adoring (and adored) husband that makes the whole rest of it possible by dealing with my increasingly diverse interests. He’s been biking and swimming with me, which is REALLY nice. Biking is boring alone. He refuses to run, but I understand why – of the 3 sports in tri, running is the one I loathe.

Anyhow – the tri I’m doing is in June, so I’ll have to post an update at some point and let y’all know how I did. :)


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