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SexyMama blogs

K, so starting tomorrow I’m going to participate for the month of May in Babeland’s Sexy Mama blog. Each week, those of us participating will write on a new theme suggested by Babeland, relating to sex and parenting themes. Oh, and I get to give away one yummy prize to a reader, although I haven’t [...]

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mystery solved and GRRRR

Ok, so yesterday I posted something about what appeared to be a site hack – at first we wondered if it was a Wordpress issue, since a security bug fix was released around the same time we started getting reports of people being redirected to fullpage ads on our site. Then we thought somehow our [...]

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Back from Mexico

While I was gone, it appears that there was a security breach on the site, and somehow people were being redirected to various sites that I have no reviews of, much less affiliation with. Not entirely sure how it happened, but I *think* it’s fixed. If you do find yourself sent off somewhere when you [...]

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