While I was gone, it appears that there was a security breach on the site, and somehow people were being redirected to various sites that I have no reviews of, much less affiliation with. Not entirely sure how it happened, but I *think* it’s fixed. If you do find yourself sent off somewhere when you haven’t clicked anything PLEASE let me know, I’m fairly upset about it. Since I can’t seem to duplicate it (it happened to me randomly as I was checking the most recent listings I’d posted) I am not entirely comfortable that it’s really fixed. :(

Anyhow, the trip was wonderful! Did a bunch of sailing, and a very tiny bit of diving. The diving, sadly, wasn’t much fun for me. I was too cold (wetsuit from the dive shop was a tad too big and I got water flow in) and the visibility was poor. I shivered the whole time and went through way more air than usual. Elliott went on two dives, but I stayed up top and had a beer with the other half of the group that opted out.

Every time we go to Mexico, we fantasize about staying there. I thought about it a bit more seriously this time, and realized that I don’t actually want to. I think the best thing would be to visit for longer periods of time (once the girls are in college) but not LIVE there. I love where we live now, grinding weather patterns aside.

So: back to serious work on all fronts: here, the triathlon training, getting my little retail thing geared up… way too much to do, and not enough hours in the day.


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