Ok, so yesterday I posted something about what appeared to be a site hack – at first we wondered if it was a Wordpress issue, since a security bug fix was released around the same time we started getting reports of people being redirected to fullpage ads on our site. Then we thought somehow our javascript was hacked. After much investigation, mystery solved, and I’m feeling quite angry. We use Adbrite for a few text ads on our site – mostly it’s a couple of phonesex companies, and literotica (whom I like) that are there. It’s an easy way for me to at least offer some advertising on JanesGuide, but I’ve always taken pains to make sure that I see and approve of the text ads that appear, and that they ARE just text ads. Well, awhile back Adbrite sold or partnered with, or opened a second brand name or something to handle the adult portion of their business, called BlackLabelAds. I never bothered to even sign in there, as I could still approve ads and view stats through the interface I’ve always used. I looked at Adbrite when this happened, by the way, to make sure it wasn’t from there – and sure enough, they showed only the text ads I’d approved.

I decided to login in to BlackLabelAds to make sure nothing was amiss, however. I’m very glad I did, and very pissed off. While told at the time that BlackLabel was launched that all account info would be transferred the SAME as it was set in Adbrite, apparently someone over there decided to change my acceptance policy about a week ago, on fullpage ads without so much as informing me, much less asking my consent. This greatly pisses me off. I changed the settings back to what they were before (it looks from the statistics there as if this only happened for about a week) – and the beautiful part of it is, my site was changed, over 13,000 of my readers were subjected to fullpage ads that looked like redirects, and for all of this I got a whopping $35.

I’ve turned down fullpage ads for $1.00 PER view because I never wanted to sully my website with them. Grrr…

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