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my May so far

So I’d intended of course to write about all of the topics Babeland threw out there for the SexyMama blogs. I was surprised to find it difficult – usually if someone asks me a question or throws out a subject I have something to say about it. I don’t know why it ended up being [...]

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Yow. This week’s topic for SexyMama blog is interesting, it’s “desire” – as in, how to keep it even with sleep deprivation, stress, hormones and anything else that might be going on. Happily for me, the days of sleep deprivation are long gone, but oh my do I remember the period of time during which [...]

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sex positive?

Today being the first day of the SexyMamaBlog project, I’m sitting down now with my cup of coffee to write about topic one: Sex Positive Families – what does it mean, and how do you create this in a rather sex-negative culture? How do you model being a sex-positive mom?
I don’t think I grew up [...]

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