So I’d intended of course to write about all of the topics Babeland threw out there for the SexyMama blogs. I was surprised to find it difficult – usually if someone asks me a question or throws out a subject I have something to say about it. I don’t know why it ended up being so difficult. Anyhow, from my last post, I wanted to say Melanie, send me your address and I’ll get this little gift from Babeland right out to you, it sounds like the perfect thing for your next trip. :)

As for me, life is swamped. We have a new puppy (which is like having a new baby) and while she is bringing me much joy, she’s also a handful. She’s actually the oldest daughter’s puppy, but until school in out towards the end of June, I have puppy duty during the day. That, managing this site, helping with Elliott’s business, getting ready for the retail store in September and training for a triathlon are keeping me way busy. Elliott just had a birthday over the holiday weekend, and we spent the 3 days without making any major plans. It’s so nice sometimes to just be spontaneous and go with whatever we feel like doing. Gardening a bit, a minor bike ride, friends over, bbq, and of course new puppy wrangling. heh.

So on another note: I was in a local wine shop the other day and the very cute BettiePage-esque girl working there said “where do I know you from, you look really familiar. Are you a RollerBetty? You look like you could be a RollerBetty.” I have to say I was super happy that she’d think so. Trying out for roller-derby is on my list of things to do when life calms down some. Of course life NEVER calms down some because whenever it does, Elliott and I seem to add something else. But in this case maybe that’ll be the next “something else”. Tryouts are in January each year, I think. Question for you, Dale (if you’re reading): are the injuries as prevalent as I hear they are? ‘Cause the only thing that gives me pause is that I’m too old for broken bones.

Ok, that’s my updating for now. I’m off to try to get other site updates done while I have a few minutes.


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