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Back from the weekend – I absolutely love how 24 hours on the boat seems like a week away. Something about the water, wind and waves. I always sleep best on the boat. I also get to relax and read, which never seems to happen at home. Home is never quiet enough with 3+ teenagers [...]

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weekend plans

Hooray, the sun came back for the weekend! How often does THAT happen in Wa? I have to go into work for a little bit this morning, but then it’s going to be on the boat, headed for a little rendezvous with some of our friends on the water. Grilled salmon, beautiful harbor, overnight on [...]

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Good morning! I am sitting here in the home office, with a light breeze from the window coming over my shoulder and a nice hot mug of coffee at hand. The house is quiet, Natasha and her husband (he doesn’t have a blog name!) are still asleep. Doggie was up for awhile, but he went [...]

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The second love of my life, my cute little doggie, is sick. Elliott is taking him to the vet, they’re leaving as I type. Ever since he had a vaccination for kennel cough, he’s had wheezing attacks. This morning he had two, and I’m just too worried about him. It’s ridiculous how much I love [...]

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christmas eve was my last post? really?

Wow. Ok, so I made a decision the other day that I’m going to start blogging again. It’s been WAY too long, and well I guess I’m just in the mood again.
Things are very happy around the Janie household. I have a new dog that is the second love of my life, just behind [...]

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