Wow. Ok, so I made a decision the other day that I’m going to start blogging again. It’s been WAY too long, and well I guess I’m just in the mood again.

Things are very happy around the Janie household. I have a new dog that is the second love of my life, just behind Elliott. He’s adorable, and I will post a picture or ten in the near future. The girls are doing well, two out of three are driving now. Eek! But it’s a good thing, and I have a bit more time (hence the time to actually blog again) now that I’m not being a constant taxi-driver. Oh, and the youngest daughter moved her horse to a barn within walking distance, so that is pretty darn cool too.

Elliott and I are gearing up for extra sailing, a 3 week visit from the same French exchange student we had last summer, and a slew of other random projects.

Oh, and I actually went back to the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture (formerly the Wetspot) for the first time in years. It was great to get to see old familiar faces, especially that of Allena (Georgina), whom I shared a partner with for many years. It was the ten year anniversary of the space, so I was there for the birthday celebration. In some ways, I couldn’t believe it had ONLY been ten years. It’s pretty amazing what they’ve accomplished, and it was nice of them to honor me as a founder, when that was really all I ever did. I dropped out of the board pretty early on, because the girls were so little then. At any rate, I really applaud what they’ve done there, and it was good for me to re-visit something that was such a part of my life for a few years. Lots of memories in that space…

If you’ve been reading me for years, you’re probably now shocked that I actually had an entry – and if you’re new here, well, probably much of the above made no sense whatsoever. Too much backstory to even attempt to fill in. But, I’m ready to start with the next chapter now… :)


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