The second love of my life, my cute little doggie, is sick. Elliott is taking him to the vet, they’re leaving as I type. Ever since he had a vaccination for kennel cough, he’s had wheezing attacks. This morning he had two, and I’m just too worried about him. It’s ridiculous how much I love this little dog. I adore the little guy to an embarrassing degree. :)

On another note, Natasha is coming to visit tonight, with her husband. Yay! One of the best things about opening the retail shop is that she comes out to Bham way more often. She runs the shop when I have to be out of town for a day or two, but we almost always have time to get together at the beginning or end of one of her visits. Tonight she’s actually NOT coming out to work at the shop, rather her husband and Elliott are going to a wine poker night ($30 bottle of wine buy-in) and we’re going to girl’s night at a friend’s house. I have this amazingly wonderful friend who just bought her first home that is all her own, but it’s not feeling like home to her yet. We all decided that we needed to fill it with laughter on a regular basis, so it’ll feel like her old home that she rented.

So that’s my day, trying to get ready for Natasha’s visit because they’re staying over, and trying to get my doggie healed. And honestly, I WILL post a picture soon. He’s the cutest. :)


edited to add: picture of doggie!

This is when he was a baby, but he’s not a lot bigger even now. 12 lbs.

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