Good morning! I am sitting here in the home office, with a light breeze from the window coming over my shoulder and a nice hot mug of coffee at hand. The house is quiet, Natasha and her husband (he doesn’t have a blog name!) are still asleep. Doggie was up for awhile, but he went back to bed with Elliott, and all 3 teenagers are still asleep. It’s almost 9am, so it’s weird to have the household so quiet still. Now that school is out though, the teenagers are being teenagers and rolling out of bed just shy of noon. heh.

Elliott won at poker last night, 3 bottles of wine and $50. woo! They didn’t get in until almost 2am though, which was cause for slight worry when I woke up at 1:30 to find that they still weren’t home. Girls night didn’t last as long, we were home by 11. Mostly because for all of the girls involved it was a “school night”. But not for me and Natasha, we get to wander local shops this morning and have lunch. I LOVE having teenagers who can work in the shop so I can have a morning off.

Doggie’s vet visit yesterday went ok, but they aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with him. They just prescribed some antibiotics and gave him some doggie-vicodine for his cough, which is sorta weird. I didn’t know vicodine was a cough remedy. He goes back in a couple of weeks for a checkup.

On the daily menu today: a bit of work here on the site, a bit of shopping before Natasha leaves for home, 3 hours in the shop later, and I have no idea what in the evening. No plans as of now, which is kind of nice. I just hope the weather clears by the afternoon, I’m ready for another heat wave! :)


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