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I’m wilting

in the heat. Yet still I will take this over last summer any time.
Today in new listings, you’ll see a couple of old favorites updated: first, AAG beat me to the review of (which I mentioned in my last post) and I can’t say I blame her. We do sort of vie for [...]

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it’s supposed to be stifling hot all week. Record-setting hot. People from other parts of the country might laugh at what is hot to us, but anything over 80 is. Of course the older I get, the more I like the heat, so I’m happy with this turn of weather.
Today we’re going sailing. Or, more [...]

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sometimes it’s filing

blah. I hate filing with a burning, fiery passion. Because of this, over the past four months my desk has slowly become piled high with stacks of receipts, unread books, postcards for upcoming gallery openings and events, correspondence that needs answering and so on and so forth.
All day today, since 10am this morning, all I’ve [...]

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Sometimes I can be pretty dumb. Case in point: the card reader I was missing all this time, that made me unable to download my camera? Was plugged into the back of my computer the whole time. Doh!
Here are a couple of pictures of my awesome boat dog during last week’s racing:

this is us, down [...]

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5 random things

1. I’ve been AWESOME at taking photos. I’m not saying they ARE awesome photos, just that I’ve taken a lot.
2. I have a massive sunburn on my nose.
3. That makes me look about ten years old, so when I bought wine I got carded, PLUS a look of shock when she actually read my [...]

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for the record

I’ve been taking tons of pictures – but I’ve misplaced my card reader for the memory card, so I can’t download any of them. Just got home from the first two days of the regatta – sleeping here, then leaving again first thing in the a.m.
The oldest teenager is coming with, which is really [...]

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this week’s self-challenge: pictures

I’m going to be sailing all week, coming home each night until Friday. We’re taking doggie with us, and Elliott is staying at the site all week, but with a houseful of teenagers I just feel more comfortable not leaving them alone for an extended period of time. They are at that in-between age where [...]

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writing every day is difficult

yet necessary.
I was sitting here thinking about how much I used to blog. I started in 1999, just doing little random snippets to let readers know what was up. It turned into this fun thing, where I met all these interesting people who would write me based on anything from poly to pie recipes. I [...]

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Yesterday Elliott and I found ourselves with some unexpected alone time! If you knew our crazy household, you’d know what a miracle that is. We’ve started sending the kids all away on Sunday afternoons just so we can have some quality time, but this little window of opportunity yesterday was a nice surprise. After a [...]

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one sick puppy

I think that title is the first time I’ve used the phrase “one sick puppy” for an ACTUAL sick puppy. My doggie was sick, and last night we were at the emergency vet until after midnight. His white blood cell count was high, he spiked a fever, was lethargic and overall just not acting like [...]

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