Yesterday Elliott and I found ourselves with some unexpected alone time! If you knew our crazy household, you’d know what a miracle that is. We’ve started sending the kids all away on Sunday afternoons just so we can have some quality time, but this little window of opportunity yesterday was a nice surprise. After a cool shower (because it was hot weather) I teased him about playing “naughty masseur and bored rich housewife”. We had a couple of untouched massage bars from the last trip to Lush, just begging to be used. He picked the spicy one of course, the one with a nice slow burn. Lessons learned from this: feels wonderful and tingly, but is anathema to lubrication. :)

After happy alone time, we went into town to meet a couple of friends for dinner. It was my girlfriend Zale’s birthday so we wanted to take her out. Dinner was on the veranda of one of our favorite Italian places, on a warm summer night, with one-too-many bottles of Valpolicella Ripasso. Perfect way to spend an evening.

Of course today I am paying for the excess, with a very mild headache and way too much to do. Doggie seemed way better yesterday, but again today took a downturn. We’re taking him to the vet again this afternoon, since it’s a holiday weekend and we’ll be away on a boat. His fever is up again. We also have to load the boat, because the loading zone where we’re docked is being closed tomorrow for the 4th. So, we’ll get ready today, then take off in the morning for beautiful Roche Harbor.

We were supposed to go to a party tomorrow in honor of a dear friend who died a couple of weeks ago. However, my friend Rita is coming with us and her ex-husband (and his new wife) pitched an absolute fit that she was going to be there. As I told a friend, it’s the first time in my adult life that I’d been so angry with someone that I wasn’t in the midst of divorcing. First, I don’t think there are any good times to be territorial about joint friends or places. The person with the problem needs to either get over it, or stay away. I chose to stay away from my ex for quite a long time because it was upsetting to me to be around him. I did not try to convince mutual friends to do the same, that’s just lame. BUT, of all the times NOT to be a jerk about “territory”, at the top of the list are weddings, wakes and graduations. I am appalled at people sometimes.

At any rate, what we decided was to have our own small memorial, sharing memories of our friend quietly. I don’t think participating in drama is a good way to honor someone. She was one of the most amazing, big-hearted, courageous people I knew.

Looking forward to the weekend, with doggie, Elliott, a pile of teenagers, Rita, and many other friends on the water… Naomi, we’ll be thinking of you.


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