yet necessary.

I was sitting here thinking about how much I used to blog. I started in 1999, just doing little random snippets to let readers know what was up. It turned into this fun thing, where I met all these interesting people who would write me based on anything from poly to pie recipes. I met a number of people in real life that I remain friends with to this day. But I don’t think I had anything very interesting to say then OR now.

Still, anyone who knows anything about writing (or taking pictures, or any creative pursuit) knows that the number one rule is to just do something, anything, on a regular basis. To write a novel you have to at least start writing even silly little bits. To take gorgeous photos, you take a hell of a lot of random snapshots along the way.

I’ve been trying to get my creative juices flowing again. I haven’t been taking photos for the last three years. I haven’t been writing much either. Back when I met Elliott, I said I wanted someone who knew the difference between content and complacent, but after 5 years of mellow and blissful love and lack of drama, I think I’ve let myself become complacent. Ugh. I am content, yes. Life is good pretty much on a daily basis. The family is wonderful, I love my doggie, I have hobbies I enjoy. But I need to do more than I am doing now. I need a creative outlet. I need to spend more time doing, and less time basking. heh.

Soooo… that means you all get my fits and starts of attempting to communicate again. Five years of much of my life being an open internet book, then radio silence for five years, and now something in between. Oh, and in my pondering my internet history, I wandered by Asia Carrera’s homepage again. She started writing a little blog online about the same time (or earlier, probably) than I did. It gives me a certain comfort to see her homepage exactly the same as it’s always been, AND that she’s still updating. Don’t know her personally, just always liked reading her.

Sunny Saturday, and we’re gearing up for a week away on the boat. Actually, just me, Elliott and the doggie. Natasha is staying at the house watching the shop, and being the responsible adult for the teenagers. Time alone with Elliott, it’s a rare and precious thing. :)


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