Sometimes I can be pretty dumb. Case in point: the card reader I was missing all this time, that made me unable to download my camera? Was plugged into the back of my computer the whole time. Doh!

Here are a couple of pictures of my awesome boat dog during last week’s racing:

this is us, down below in the tiny race boat. Not a lot of room down there, but enough. People actually take these little 24′ boats on Pacific Cup, a San Francisco to Hawaii race. I cannot imagine doing that myself.

when he’s up top, he likes to spend his time inside of a coat. Usually it’s Elliott’s coat, but in between races it was mine a few times.

The spinnaker run back to the harbor after the last race finished. This regatta had almost 100 boats participating, so it was truly gorgeous viewing.

Anyhow, today we are celebrating my middle daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday, so I’m off to cook dinner, bake cake, etc.etc. Maybe more pictures tomorrow.. I had a few hundred to go through. Oh, and I guess I did jinx myself with that whole posting 2 a day vow, eh?


reading:: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, by Katherine Howe
pandora based on: susan tedeschi

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