blah. I hate filing with a burning, fiery passion. Because of this, over the past four months my desk has slowly become piled high with stacks of receipts, unread books, postcards for upcoming gallery openings and events, correspondence that needs answering and so on and so forth.

All day today, since 10am this morning, all I’ve done is pay bills, file copies of things, and otherwise try to dig out of the mess. Sure, if I did a little bit daily it’d never get to here. But it did.

The one thing that makes me feel somewhat better is always buying MORE products with which to file. I left the house briefly for more letter trays for the desktop, more portable expandable filing cases and bankers boxes.

Now, 7 hours later, I can finally see my desktop again. It’s brown, who knew? I also found a couple of bracelets I’d misplaced, a necklace that I need to return (my mother bought it as a gift, and she knew my taste so well that it was a necklace I already had), and a few newspaper articles from the past years that featured my kids or my mom or my husband. I save little clippings of such things. :) Oh, and a bag of change that one of the girls can put in the Coinstar for an iTunes certificate. Or something.

Sorry for the boring post, but misery does love company and yes, my day was this dull.


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