it’s supposed to be stifling hot all week. Record-setting hot. People from other parts of the country might laugh at what is hot to us, but anything over 80 is. Of course the older I get, the more I like the heat, so I’m happy with this turn of weather.

Today we’re going sailing. Or, more probable: motoring. There is unlikely to be much wind if it’s this warm, so we’ll see if the sails ever go up. We’ll have along about 10 teenagers, and enough wine for me to get through a day with that many teenagers. heh. And we’ll have crab pots, and I’ll bring the two novels I’m in the middle of, and of course a swimsuit. This much heat will require more than one jump off the bow.

Tomorrow I’m setting aside to get some reviews done. I heard from a long-ago back-in-the-day friend who is just re-launching his awesome website X-Muse. If you’ve been reading forever you’ll remember him. He used to shoot photos of me, once upon a time. Anyhow, I need to go review his site, but for your enjoyment today here is one of his gorgeous photos.

Have a great weekend!


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