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off to Seattle

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I used to spend most of my social time in Seattle. All of a sudden the drive just seems so LONG. heh. And I used to complain about how my Seattle friends felt like my town was so far away.
Anyhow, I’m leaving in an hour or [...]

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We have guests over all the time, from small family dinners of 8 or so to gatherings of dozens. When I’m hostessing, I have a hard time not worrying about every single person having a good time. I also have a hard time staying out of the kitchen, because there is always one more thing [...]

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a sad story…

We were out this weekend on the water, doggie in tow. I was taking all sorts of pictures, for hours. Later, I was going to show one to a friend on the viewfinder, and the camera said “no memory card”. I left the damn memory card plugged into the back of the computer, I only [...]

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crazy busy again

and hey, I’m turning 40 this month!
I have so many pictures and experiences and stuff to post that I don’t know where to start. I’ll leave most of them out for today, but suffice to say I LOVE summer even in all it’s chaos.
We were in Friday Harbor this past weekend. Elliott was in a [...]

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