and hey, I’m turning 40 this month!

I have so many pictures and experiences and stuff to post that I don’t know where to start. I’ll leave most of them out for today, but suffice to say I LOVE summer even in all it’s chaos.

We were in Friday Harbor this past weekend. Elliott was in a big regatta and absolutely slayed everyone, which was exactly what he needed. Somewhere along the line his confidence was shaken, which led to poor racing. He went with his instincts this time and out-sailed a rather large (69 boats) fleet of competitors. I am not surprised, but I am happy.

The next three weekends are full – cruising with a whole heap of friends this weekend, then the next weekend I turn 40! I am excited about this, as I hear from ALL of my 40+ friends that their lives get way better post-40. I’ve been very happy these past five years, but there is always room for improvement, right?

So, the 40th birthday – we’re doing a big thing at our house, there will be people camping on the lawn, pitching tents. A good friend is paella chef for the evening, which is awesome. He does amazing paella.

Then the next weekend after that is another big sailing regatta. Then school starts, then life calms down?

Or maybe not.

A long time ago I envisioned living a life fully of happy chaos. Tons of friends, family, pets, all inhabiting the space I live in with me. It’s come to pass, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Even when it’s noisy. :)


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