We were out this weekend on the water, doggie in tow. I was taking all sorts of pictures, for hours. Later, I was going to show one to a friend on the viewfinder, and the camera said “no memory card”. I left the damn memory card plugged into the back of the computer, I only thought I was taking pictures all day. Dork.

Anyhow, some life updates: the last round of antibiotics seems to have kicked whatever doggie had. He’s been all happy and healthy since, yay! School re-starts in only about two weeks. The oldest is doing her senior year online (oh, to have had that option when *I* was a teenager), the middle one is taking all college courses this time around, youngest is status quo. I’ve been enjoying this summer more than any I can previously remember, but at the same time I always look forward to the schedule normalcy of Autumn.

Did I tell you that I found something I love more than pilates? I did. Yoga. I’ve tried variations of yoga before, but never with a truly engaged and wonderful instructor. I’ve been doing it now for about 3 months, and I love love love it. I’m still keeping up a bit of pilates, but I have to say that I found something I believe in even more. Elliott is doing it with me, and so are two of the three daughters. It’s been way good for Elliott’s back problems. Oh, and the type (if you’re wondering) is Iyengar. Super-awesomeness.

So… it’s about 7am, and I’m off to deliver Elliott some coffee in bed now…


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