We have guests over all the time, from small family dinners of 8 or so to gatherings of dozens. When I’m hostessing, I have a hard time not worrying about every single person having a good time. I also have a hard time staying out of the kitchen, because there is always one more thing to cook or clean during a party.

So this Saturday we’re having like 100 people or so over for my 40th. I decided last night in a stroke of genius, since I am not the one organizing this party (it’s for ME!) that I will save myself all of the stress I know I would have and take myself to Seattle for the better part of the day. I’m going to just *attend* my own party. Woo! Elliott says this is fine, because he knows that I will be a pain in the ass if I’m here to “help”. :)

You have no idea what a big deal it is to me to actually decide to let go and just let the party happen without feeling like I have to plan/cook/clean/entertain.


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