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I am looking forward to November

The past week has been absolutely crazy. I still haven’t gotten a chance to play with 3D bondage dollies over at (see last post) because there is just TOO MUCH.
Elliott has been away for the past week, in an area remote enough that we actually couldn’t have any contact whatsover (no email, no [...]

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this looks fun

I can’t wait to try out’s new site later. It looks totally interesting, I think they may have pulled off something pretty cool.
Just need to find a bit of time to play… :)
My Sally costume is turning out really cute, I will definitely have to take pictures.
Elliott is gone for the better [...]

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ok, Kosmo

Jane write more.
This morning I found a message in my inbox with a one-liner demanding that I remove links to an amateur site we have listed because ” A woman had a tattoo on her vagina that was that of an evil spirit.”
Hrm. Of all the things that we link to on our website, this [...]

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amusing tidbit of the day…

looking through the queue of sites that have been submitted the past two days, I ran across submissions for both a “tiny dick” webpage and “the large cock society” page. Now who is representing the medium? Don’t average guys need a page too?

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I’ll be back to this soon

but this weekend is devoted to my shop. I did a major re-arrange, and today I’m making the back room look as pretty as the front room. I hate having customers come in and ask if I have a bathroom, and I lie because I don’t want them to see the bare concrete floors, unpainted [...]

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