Jane write more.

This morning I found a message in my inbox with a one-liner demanding that I remove links to an amateur site we have listed because ” A woman had a tattoo on her vagina that was that of an evil spirit.”

Hrm. Of all the things that we link to on our website, this was what upset this reader? I’ve seen some pretty amazing tattoos on people, but none that I’ve taken personally.

However, it’s still my suggestion that when you find something that offends you, just move on to something that doesn’t. Life is way too short to go around looking for things that upset you.

Today is a work day, so I’m out of the house until the evening. I need to go to the fabric store, to get supplies for my Halloween costume. I’m going to be Sally from “A Nightmare Before Christmas“. True, I should have quit eating about 3 weeks ago to be as stick-figure-esque as Sally, but I’m not THAT into the role. I love that Halloween is on a Saturday this year. After handing out candy all afternoon, then we’re hosting a big costume party. Yay!

Maybe I’ll post a Sally picture if my costume turns out well. :)

what is everyone else being for Halloween? I always love to hear great costume ideas, comment them?


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