The past week has been absolutely crazy. I still haven’t gotten a chance to play with 3D bondage dollies over at (see last post) because there is just TOO MUCH.

Elliott has been away for the past week, in an area remote enough that we actually couldn’t have any contact whatsover (no email, no cellphone, zip, nada) since Monday. He’ll be back tonight, but wow, this is the longest we’ve ever gone without speaking since the night we met almost 6 years ago. I can’t believe how much I miss him. While it is nice to sleep alone every once in awhile, I’d prefer him next to me.

With him gone, that left me to do everything even more than I already do. 3 teenagers, his business, this too-neglected site. I miss it here. I miss porn. I miss play parties. I feel like it’s time to dive back in.

Anyhow, he’s home tonight, we have a wine-tasting thing to go to (Monster Reds, in honor of Halloween), then tomorrow we’re having a big Halloween party at our house. Right after I spend 3 hours handing out candy to small children in town. About 1,000 small (and not-so-small) children.

Come November, things should calm down a bit. I am happily looking at my weekend calendar in November, noting that there is nothing booked yet. yay! While I’m sure things will come up, a few weekends at home just nesting sound like a great idea right about now.


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