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happy start-of-holidays :)

Yesterday was the first “successful” Thanksgiving that I actually hosted/cooked-for. It was a combination of things. I’ve had Thanksgiving at my home many times over the years. The reason I call this one successful? (reasons, plural)
1. I didn’t stress out about it. At all.
2. The turkey kicked ass. Thank you recipe section.
3. All the [...]

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a shout out for assistance

The other day, a reader wrote me asking about out-of-date reviews. He’d encountered some dead sites, or redirects, or sites totally different than what the review was about. As of now, the staffing on JG is pretty sparse – just me and AAG, although Vamp and Peter still have occasional time to devote. So anyhow, [...]

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Last night, as I often do, I woke up around 3am and stared at the ceiling for awhile. It was exceptionally stormy out, the wind was just howling. And doggie needed to go out, I was sorta worried that he’d get blown away in the wind. He only weighs about 12 lbs. I know, I [...]

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