Last night, as I often do, I woke up around 3am and stared at the ceiling for awhile. It was exceptionally stormy out, the wind was just howling. And doggie needed to go out, I was sorta worried that he’d get blown away in the wind. He only weighs about 12 lbs. I know, I know – silly. But I love the little guy so much that I worry like a mommy.

I was just thinking about how much life has changed in the 12+ years that I’ve done the site. I’ve blogged or written in some form or another for all of it. Weird, huh? Someday I need to go read some of the old stuff, ’cause I’ve always been better at keeping an electronic journal than I have been at writing on a page.

There are things I miss from a few years ago, like play parties and such. Still, every time Elliott suggests going to one, I have something else that takes priority. I never could have guessed that in their own way, teenagers are MORE time-consuming than little kids. I’m trying to think of the relationships that have endured my massive life changes, but they are few.

E., who still remembers every year to wish me happy birthday (you have no idea how much I love that)

Natasha, who is still my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and I will always consider her the best thing that ever came from my polyamorous years.

Heather, although I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like.

Susie, who I can talk to once every couple of years, and it’s as if we just left off.

R & C, see above. I met them through my old personal site, (that redirects here now, btw) but every time I see them, we can’t get enough time to talk about everything and anything.

Other than that, there is little that is the same. Day to day life is more taken up with teaching teenagers to drive, helping with college plans, running my little shop that I started last year and such. I think that women are really good at having various stages to their lives though. Right now this is the period of life I’m in, and I’m ok with that. In a few years, it’ll probably all be different. I just really treasure the friendships that endure major changes. Oh, and Kosmo, I treasure the readers that are still around too.


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