The other day, a reader wrote me asking about out-of-date reviews. He’d encountered some dead sites, or redirects, or sites totally different than what the review was about. As of now, the staffing on JG is pretty sparse – just me and AAG, although Vamp and Peter still have occasional time to devote. So anyhow, I explained that we focus mostly on new reviews, and that’s why things are dated – the further back the date, the less likely it’s accurate.

Still, that said, it makes me crazy knowing that there probably ARE so many links out of date, which brings me to you, dear readers: if there is a category you are into, would you do me the favor of going through a section and emailing me with the dead and/or wrong ones? With dozens of categories, and thousands of reviews, it’s too daunting a task for me to do alone. I am going to try to do one a day myself.

In the years of running the site, I’ve had dozens of people offer to review for free, which I’ve never actually taken anyone up on. I feel like it needs to be compensated work, because it does so quickly become work. Even my sweet husband Elliott had the novelty wear off quite fast – from finding that he married a woman who didn’t mind at all that he surfed porn, to trying to do it on a schedule. :) Anyhow, that aside, I am now asking for reader help to get this site back into top shape. If you can spare a bit of time, I would be grateful.


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