Yesterday was the first “successful” Thanksgiving that I actually hosted/cooked-for. It was a combination of things. I’ve had Thanksgiving at my home many times over the years. The reason I call this one successful? (reasons, plural)

1. I didn’t stress out about it. At all.
2. The turkey kicked ass. Thank you recipe section.
3. All the immediate family (Elliott and the girls) were home
4. Did I mention that I didn’t stress out about it? At all?
5. No judgmental people allowed
6. One of my dear friends gets very “southern” as she drinks wine.
7. No judgmental people allowed? Mmhmm.
8. I love my dog.
9. Charlie Brown Christmas Special
10. I make the best Hot Buttered Rum Mix ever.
11. (did you know that to get the best hot buttered rum mix, all you need to do is consult “Rum – The Epic Story of the Drink That Conquered the World“.?

I’m sure there is more, but those are the points that come to mind. Hope you all had wonderful Tdays as well, and that you’re now happily enjoying Christmas music, evergreens, candlelight and everything else.


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