christmas! so I need to clean my house, it’s a disaster. And tonight is a holiday party dinner some friends are hosting, which should be fun. The calendar is filling up with parties and concerts and things, and after that skiing. I love skiing.

Snow is supposedly on the horizon for later in the week. This year kinda sucks though because 2 of 3 girls are driving now, and I know at least one of them thinks it’s no big to drive in snow. Just fyi, for any people reading who say that Washingtonians can’t drive in snow, well it’s true. We can’t. But most people who say that are from flat places, so there. It’s hilly here, which ups the difficulty factor. I am fine so long as I have snow tires, so that’s on the list for tomorrow – the annual swapping out of tires. However, I don’t think my current car (mini cooper) will be worth anything even with snow tires, so we’ll see. Last year I didn’t even try, it stayed parked for most of December.

Oh, and I had a reader mention that I never post photos anymore. So here is one, courtesy the Mac “photobooth” app. I know, not a very exciting picture (if you were thinking pinup like I did a million years ago, well… dunno, I’m just not inspired anymore.) but hi! me at 40.


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