I hardly ever go to the movies anymore. Not sure why. I end up reading in the little bit of spare time I have, especially now that I have a Kindle. Still, Elliott and I found time last night to finally go see Avatar. In 3D of course. The first half hour of the movie I was sorta queasy from the 3D, but once I adjusted it was incredible. LOVED the special effects. And of course would kill to look as good as Sigourney Weaver when I’m 60. Actually, let me amend that. I’d kill to look as good right now, much less 20 years from now. heh.

Tonight I am hosting a wedding shower/bachelorette type thing for a good friend of mine. More of a low key girls-night-out really. It’s her first marriage, his 3rd. The reverse of me and Elliott. :) Of course I am definitely NOT doing any sort of stereotypical “girls gone wild” bullshit. (Although I will confess, I did tell her that a male stripper would be showing up, just for the reaction.) Just a few of us, wine and appetizers, hanging out. And then dancing after, although for me that will be watching, and listening to the music.

Tomorrow I am very much looking forward to a day of nothing on the schedule. It’s ridiculous when life is busy enough that you find yourself booking a dinner date with friends more than a month in advance.

Oh, speaking of dinner dates: a friend of mine got reservations for a bunch of us for Elliott’s upcoming 46th birthday at an almost-impossible to get reservations at place. The kind where you usually have to book a year in advance. I’d say what it is, but it’s a surprise and Elliott might read this. Dunno if he does or not, so any Elliott surprises can only be told after the fact.

I dreamed about Pandora last night.


listening to: Downtown Church, Patty Griffin

on site today: cleaned out the review spam from the past 24 hours, and ran through the amateur compilations category. How sad I was to see that “Clown Blowjobs” was no more. Now it goes to a boring old regular blowjob site. *sigh*

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