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28 February 2010 – things I need to remember to blog about

Ok, so forgive me for using my blog as a sort of post-it-note to myself, but watching 500 Days of Summer tonight sparked a desire to blog about the things I love about the city I live in. I won’t tell you HOW a movie about love and loss and growth did that for me, [...]

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27 February 2010 – On Female Ejaculation

Well, since it’s the hot blog and Facebook topic at the moment, I figured I’d share my own experiences.
I distinctly remember the very first time ejaculation happened to me. It was on a first play-date with a new partner, and he just sorta *ahem* “hit the spot”. I didn’t know my body was capable [...]

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26 February 2010

I actually have a day to myself. Seriously. In my family of 5, that is about unheard of, there is always someone here – but today it’s just me, and I’m blissful. Elliott is off on a skiing weekend in Canada, daughters are all out busy with school or work. It’s so rare that I [...]

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25 February 2010

So yes, I am sitting here blogging on birthday day. But only because I’m at the shop until the early afternoon, and it’s a sloooowww day. Yow.
Been reading blogs and this and that. Read MM’s Stranger column, about the familiar and never-resolved hotbutton topic of jealousy. As interesting as the column, were the comments afterward. [...]

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24 February 2010

K, so I am not getting as much done this week as I wanted to. One of our dogs attempted to kill me the other day, which hurt my neck and back. Ok, I admit that was a bit dramatic. She’s a sweetheart dog, (not my little doggie, this one is my daughter’s BIG dog) [...]

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22 February 2010

So Apple is banning “adult” apps from the iPhone store. It’s of course been all over the blogisphere, twittered about and debated. But I guess the thing that strikes me is this: they are choosing not to distribute that content. It’s not that you can’t choose to have an adult app on your phone: you [...]

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kinky self-identity

I’ve been reading a few various blog posts about sexual identity. Mollena wrote one about using “vanilla” as a pejorative. had a post on a similar note that referred to Mollena’s. I had started to write the other day about sexual identity/labels but could never get my thoughts quite together enough to finish it. [...]

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I like my morning routine

This morning Elliott woke me out of a dead REMing sleep, just by virtue of coming through the room on his way to the shower. Early appointment for him. (Note: Early in our books in anything before noon)
I am a creature of habit. My normal morning looks something like this:
Wake, groggy. Look at iPhone to [...]

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18 February 2010

Was reading over at AAGblog about her struggles with negativity – the little voice in her head that is so terrible. I think it’s something so many of us battle with on any given day. This past few months has seen me trying various things. First, I went on anti-depressants again for the first time [...]

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17 February 2010

Been working on site stuff all this morning, after yesterday being immersed in accounting hell. I really can’t stand bookkeeping, and I’m not very good at it, but Elliott is even worse than me when it comes to the day to day stuff. He’s good when it comes to OTHER parts that I am [...]

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