So I have a ton of ideas for what I want to do differently as we revive and remake the site here. One is of course having user accounts. A place to store your bookmarks, a way for readers to be able to comment and/or rate sites themselves, and so on. That is one part of the remake plan that I’m pretty excited about. Years and years ago, it’s something my former partner and I talked about doing endlessly, but the amount of programming required was just too time consuming for a little place run by 4 people. Now, it’s still a little place run by 4 or so people, but the sheer amount of technology available to license and then customize makes such a thing totally do-able.

So here is my question to you, dear readers who have stuck with me for all of these years: what would YOU like to see if you could create a user account here at JG? Just a place to store bookmarks? A way to write your own reviews or comments about sites? A place to post photos? the ability to friend other users? I’m trying to flesh out our ideas so we can proceed. Send me an email, or leave a comment here, and let me know your ideas.

A supportive reader wrote me this morning (hi, FT!) and asked what about our site was different. I’ve been looking around at what other sites of my ilk are doing, and the one thing that has always been different about us is simply that we review ALL kinds of stuff. Most review sites only do mainstream porn, and only paysites. I like that we include everything from blogs to phonesex to educational/informational. That is one thing that will not change. Oh, and I also think we’re a hell of a lot more sex positive in general. Another thing that won’t change. And if we do decide on users being able to create accounts, the TOS are definitely going to be strict about not being an asshole. One of the things that makes me cringe the most is going to a site that allows user comments and seeing just crude, awful things being said about the performers on various sites. For every person who seems to find it a personal affront that there is more than one standard of beauty, is another person who appreciates that non-mainstream beauty.

Anyhow… back to work, I’m actually getting really excited about some of our plans. :)


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