Had an absolutely lovely 24 hours with Elliott. Our usual, drinks at the restaurant we met, then back to the gorgeous room overlooking the Bay for a nice long soak in a Lush-bombed tub. We have a tub for two at our house, but it’s not nearly as comfortable. And while we’ve remodeled and added on almost an entire new house in the past two years, our bathroom is not something we’ve upgraded. The number one thing I’d recommend in any remodel or new construction? Heated floors. I submit that there is nothing nicer in a bathroom. I’d go for that even over a luxe bathtub.

I’ve been waking up early, so I was up at 7:30 yesterday reading the paper on the little window seat, waiting for sleepyhead to wake up. He made the mistake of having a couple of glasses of red wine. I tried to remind him that red wine makes him sad the next day, almost without exception, but you know how that can be. It fell on deaf ears. Breakfast at a little place down the street, then back for sex and naps. I do love a late check-out.

I asked Elliott what percentage of guests at the particular place we were staying probably had sex while there. He said he would guess only 5%. I was thinking more like 90%. I mean it IS a hotel marketed as a couples retreat sort of place. Am I wrong? Do people not have sex at places like that? Maybe it’s only those of us who live in households full of kids and pets that need the escape. heh.

The rest of yesterday turned out to be utterly stressful and full. Not anything to do with here, rather it’s the other two businesses. I keep telling Elliott we need to downsize. Like everything. But that’ll take a few years strategic planning. I will say that in about 4 years, I intend to be updating JG and posting my travelogueblog from a sailboat instead of a home office. :)


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