So the other day I was reviewing sites for regional listings and I came across the new website of an old friend of mine. She’s someone I’d known for several years, and of whom I’d seen countless images. I didn’t know it was her site, but I was looking at the pictures and there was this familiarity. There were a couple of images in general though that were convincing me that I was mistaken, in particular one with a stunning, full-blown smile. It was a beautiful image, as they all were, but it didn’t look like her. Well, not to me.

Imagine my surprise in later emailing to find out it was indeed her. I realized then that in all of the many many images I’d seen over the years, I’d never seen one with her smiling. I was thinking about that, and about just how rare it is in the adult world – and I’m not really sure why that is. I mean I am pretty sure that men find smiling women attractive. I will confess to watching the reality show Tough Love, and in all of the critiquing the guys did when the inevitable photo shoot happened, they ALWAYS responded more positively to smiling women. I will say that it SEEMS like sites I know that have positive, happy models actually are doing well. I think of all of the sites that runs, and how they end pretty much every shoot with a glowing, smiley bit of aftercare. And sites like Girls Out West, they seem totally happy.

I looked back through my own photo archives from what seems like a zillion years ago, when I had my little amateur site. From a zillion years ago (ok, 8 years. That is a LONG time), here’s a favorite – taken by Tommy Edwards, with Mistress Matisse. He took a whole lot of pretty pictures that day, but this one was a favorite of mine because we were both having fun. :)


tommy edwards

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