This morning Elliott woke me out of a dead REMing sleep, just by virtue of coming through the room on his way to the shower. Early appointment for him. (Note: Early in our books in anything before noon)

I am a creature of habit. My normal morning looks something like this:

Wake, groggy. Look at iPhone to check calendar for appointments, stock ticker to check on my baby (apple stock).

Either stumble downstairs for coffee, or text Elliott begging for some to be brought.

Read NYTimes on my Kindle, while drinking said coffee, with Jon Stewart and then Colbert Report playing in background. Stopping reading for the funnier bits. Doggie snuggles during all of this, he’s not a morning dog.

Finally REALLY get up. Go downstairs, squeeze juice for morning OJ fix. It has to be fresh or I don’t want it. (Side note: I’ve found that since valencias are hard to find, either Heirloom navels or Cara Cara navels make the best juice. They are WAY more juicy than regular navel.)

Take vitamin D with my OJ, bring Elliott juice and vitamins in home office.

Settle in with 2nd cup of coffee in front of computer.

I will say that while I am totally a creature of routine, they do change. This has been the morning one for the past couple of months. But previously, the morning involved driving kids to school, then swimming. Now I really need to get back to the swimming, I’m just sad about it having to be in the morning. It really does, though. I mean if you’re swimming for exercise it’s a total pain in the ass to go mid-day, then have to re-shower, re-dry your hair, re-apply makeup, etc. I prefer, if I’m to do it at all, to just roll out of bed, throw on sweat pants and head to the pool. Must get back into doing it. I trained for a triathlon awhile back (2 years ago, to be exact) and I found to my surprise that I really enjoyed the swimming again. After having grown up competing, working out 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, I didn’t think I’d ever want to be in a pool again. Wrong.

Anyhow, today is full of “early” appointments (2 for me before noon as well) so I’m off until the afternoon…


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