So Apple is banning “adult” apps from the iPhone store. It’s of course been all over the blogisphere, twittered about and debated. But I guess the thing that strikes me is this: they are choosing not to distribute that content. It’s not that you can’t choose to have an adult app on your phone: you can. It’s only that Apple doesn’t want a hand in distributing them through their own shop.

I know people are up in arms about it, but to me the issue has nothing to do with censorship or hypocrisy or anything else. It is a simple issue: their store is their store, not a public utility, and as such they have the right to decide what they carry, what their brand is like, and so on. To suggest otherwise is offensive to me.

I know I’ve mentioned that in the past couple of years, I opened a retail shop. As the owner of said shop, I get to decide what goes in it. It’s all about what I want my store to project, what I want it to look like, who I want to appeal to. If someone came in here and told me I HAD to carry what they manufactured simply because I had a venue, I would be incensed.

I know there is inevitably going to be an argument about Apple having too much of a lock on what you have on your phone, but come on, this is the internet, people! You can find anything! If anything it is an opportunity for someone to start a website that just sells adult apps. (Well, actually a simple search already yielded me one result – it’s already being done.) Apple didn’t make the apps not work, they merely stopped distributing them through their own store. While I may personally think that there is nothing offensive about nudity, and there is about other apps they sell, that is beside the point. I can take my app business elsewhere. Freedom goes both ways.

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