I actually have a day to myself. Seriously. In my family of 5, that is about unheard of, there is always someone here – but today it’s just me, and I’m blissful. Elliott is off on a skiing weekend in Canada, daughters are all out busy with school or work. It’s so rare that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Of course I still have the doggies, but that doesn’t count, they are low maintenance.

In my blog wandering this morning, I came upon Bill Maher’s Op-Ed in the Huffington Post, “Stop Saying ‘Sex Addict’ Like it’s a Bad Thing.”

I tend to agree with him. I attempted to watch the Dr. Drew “Celebrity Sex Rehab”, but all I found myself thinking as I watched was that it was just people with some serious difficulties in relating to other people. I didn’t see anything that made me believe “sex addict”. Now can you actually devote too much time to sex, to the point that it becomes problematic? Well – I suppose so, but people also get obsessive about all kinds of activities, from scuba diving to playing the piano, and since those things are alright with everyone else it’s not called “addiction”.

I basically think the point is to try to live a balanced life, because that’s usually what feels good for the long haul, keeps your relationships healthy, and so on.

Anyhow, off to get some things done while I have precious alone time….

happy weekend!

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